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No, Invisible Thread Will Not Melt And Other Myths That Need To END!

There's a lot of misinformation about invisible thread. And I get it! If you are a longtime sewer and remember the nylon thread of the old days, you know how hard that was to work with - it melted, it yellowed and it broke up over time. But what these quilters don't know is that today's polyester invisible thread has none of those problems! 1. NO it will not melt! Really IT WILL NOT MELT! In fact, the melting point is higher for monofilament thread than for fabric, so if your thread melts, your fabric will also be scorched! This also means you can wash and dry your quilts that uses invisible thread and they will be just fine! 2. YES, you can use it in your bobbin. It's softer and more pliable than the old stuff so it winds very well on the bobbin. But there is a caveat - only wind the bobbin about half full, less if your machine uses plastic bobbins. Invisible thread does stretch as it winds, so it constricts the bobbin and can make it hard to get off the winder

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