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The Exploding Nine-Patch - New Pattern

Another EXPLODING pattern! But did you recognize that this is also a Kansas City Star pattern from the 1930s? I love the old blocks and I love keeping them fresh with contemporary fabric and techniques. The Exploding Nine-Patch block is one of those that looks as new today as it did 85 years ago!

Years ago, I collected the KC Star patterns. While I don't have a full set of originals, I do have photocopies of all of them - more than 1,000 in all! They are still a huge source of inspiration for me today. If you know anything about them, however, you know that they often were practically unpieceable for contemporary quilters. Many have set-in seams because they were designed for hand piecers. When you hand piece a block, things that are hard with the machine are much easier! They also (obviously) were constructed with templates - no rotary cutting instructions in the 1930s! And some have so many pieces involved you'd feel like you made a king-size quilt after piecing just one bl…

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