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Why It's OK to Press Your Seams Open

We all know the #1 Quilting Rule: Press seams to the dark side.
But what if I were to tell you that sometimes, it's okay to press seams OPEN!? Radical, right?

The cool thing about being a mostly self-taught quiltmaker, is that you learn by figuring things out on your own - there's no one to tell you what you can and can't do. That sometimes leads to figuring out ways to get the job done that are a bit unconventional.

When I was a new piecer, I had all kinds of trouble getting more than 4 points to come together properly. When you press seams to the side, it's difficult to see where you're sewing and the bulk leaves a lump in the finished block at that intersection.
After struggling along with this, I finally decided to see if I could figure out a better way. That lead to my first experiments with pressing seams open. 
Backside: Seams sewn open (left). Frontside: Nice sharp points!
What I learned is that when you press seams open, you can really see what you're …

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