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The Argyle Quilt - New Pattern!

Fall is such a natural time to think about a new project - the weather is turning crisp, the days are shorter and Christmas is coming - time to get that gift list firmed up!

If you're looking for the perfect quilt for Christmas giving, The Argyle Quilt is a fabulous, fun, FAST-piecing quilt! There are just TWO blocks. Block 1 is done in three colorways and Block 2 is the alternate block done in black and gray. When set on-point, the argyle magic emerges!

Any two shades of the same color offset with the gray and black really pop. If you're not a fan of solids, small prints - as long as they read as one color - work too. Avoid big prints with multiple, different colors and be sure to audition the prints before cutting the entire quilt. Make a few blocks and stand back and look at them. If it's right, you'll know. (And if it's wrong you'll know, too!)

Green not your thing? The Argyle Quilt looks great in any color!  What about the size? Need a queen size instead …

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