Forty-Two Update

Don't look at the mess in my room...just admire the nice quilt! I also made 4 pillow cases to match. I guess I was in a good mood that day... I have a platform bed, which I think makes quilts look so nice--no footboard to try to stuff the end of the quilt into.

Here it is on the design wall. I love how the center block, taken from a quilt made in 1853, looks so modern in hand-dyed fabrics! (I dyed the rainbow in dark and medium 1/2 yard cuts. There's one black print and one purchased cut that looks like hand-dyed fabric. It's the background on the applique. The border is Moda Marbles. Black is too hard for me to dye in that quantity.)
September 11, 2001
Well, here it is, more than a month into it and I have only two finished projects. And even those are questionable because they were started and almost done before my target year began! But I'm counting them anyhow!

The first is my bed quilt! I made this from my hand-dyed fabrics. The inspiration came from a year-long class by Barbara Brackman that I started two years ago and never finished—but I did make the quilt! That’s backwards, I know—usually I take the class and never make the quilt. The class was about medallion quilts of the 18oos. Since I don’t “do” quilts in reproduction fabrics and I wasn’t interested in too much piecing, I designed this, my 21st Century tribute to those old, wonderful medallions. I think it’s quite nice despite its simplicity. The center appliqué is taken from an album quilt made in 1853 that I found in one of my quilt history books.

It fits perfectly on my bed, because I measured it and made it to my specs. I added super-wide plain black borders because, honestly, who looks at the part that hangs over anyhow? It was hand quilted by a group of ladies here in my hometown. I love it, the cats love it and my first born said he gets it when I die! (I secretly hope it’s used up and made into a teddy bear long before then!)

The other finished project is a monkey quilt for my daughter. As soon as I get a snapshot, I’ll post about it…


  1. This is a pretty quilt. I like the portrait embroidery idea - I should do that someday. How are you doing with making more quilts?


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