Cass County Quilt Documentation Project

I'm involved in a quilt documentation project in my home county (Cass County, Missouri). We're attempting to document all quilts made in Cass County before 1960. What's significant for me as a quilter is Cass County is an Order No. 11 county. You may know of the famous KC Star pattern of the same name.

Order No. 11 drove all citizens out of the county in 1863 (you'll have to google for all the details). As we started organizing this project, we didn't think we'd get anything pre-Civil War because the assumption was that those quilts went to Texas with the people. But, to our amazement, we have uncoverd an 1853 quilt AND the quilt frame it was quited on! I don't have a photo to show you yet, but it's a beautiful pink and green Whig Rose applique quilt with a pink swag border. Was she showing her political views through her quilt? Hard to say now, but the Whigs just lost the presidency in 1852, so could be.

What I can show you is this beautiful Princess Feather quilt that the Cass County Historical Society has in its permanent collection. It's from the 1870s. The green has faded to this quite pleasing tan but the reds are still very vibrant. It has triple-row stitching for the quilting, typical for the era. She obviously knew what she was doing.

If you're in or are from Cass County and have one of these gems, there's still time to get it documented. Documentation day is next Saturday, June 19. Go to for more details. I'll update you with what we uncover!


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