Heritage Sampler Update and a Tragedy

I think it's time to update about the Heritage Sampler class I'm teaching at Heritage Fine Fabrics in Belton, Mo. (The photo below is from the squares class) We're heading into the 5th month and I'm pleased to announce that the students are all keeping up, no matter what dumb-fool thing I ask them to do! November's class was all about miniatures. That included a 6" block with 144 pieces (shown above)! I got a couple of emails from students saying they did it, but don't want to do it again! I actually kind of feel the same way, which is funny considering what I'm doing for my ugly fat quarter challenge! Life is full of paradoxes!

And now for the tragedy - my wonderful sewing machine and constant companion for 12 years has possibly sewn it's last quilt. Oh no! The feed dogs aren't pulling the fabric through and it's stitching in place. Until I can run it up to Missouri Sewing Machine Co. I have my Mom's 20+ year old Bernina, which is a great machine - all metal! I'm a little melancholy about it - every quilt I've ever made was sewn on that machine!


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