The Ugly Challenge Continues...

...even though I can't find the quarter-inch seam allowance on my borrowed machine! It's either a smidgen to wide or a smidgen too narrow depending on which setting I use.

What I'm doing is cutting up strips and strips of 1" wide fabric x about 9" long. I need darks, lights and reds and blacks. Then I can start building the blocks. They will finish to 2 1/2" square and I need 400 of them, so I devised a system of bags to keep everything straight.

I need 5 strips sets, so I have 5 bags. Once a strip set is done, into the bag it goes. Once I have enough to ensure a fairly random range of fabrics, I'll begin building the blocks. Below are the beginnings! I hope Bonnie Hunter is right about if it's still ugly, it's not small enough! Because I don't think I can cut this fabric any smaller!


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