Frayed Knot

Okay, I know that's probably the lousiest name for a quilt ever, but that's what it is until I can come up with something better. Yesterday I was inspired to make this little quilt. Ever since the Heritage Sampler class last month on miniatures, I've been captivated by them and keep coming up with ideas.

A little history here. We have no art on the walls in our house. For whatever reason, we just never got around to it. So I thought I'd create our own art for the walls. Well, what I've discovered is I'm no artist. Art quilts just befuddle me. I love to look at them, but just can't create them. My solution is to COPY them! I can copy and adapt anything, so this is what I came up with from the book: The Complete Miniature Quilt Book by Dinah Travis.

This quilt is about 6" x 8" and the "blocks" are about 3/4" square. I just haphazardly cut the squares and glued them on the base fabric. for the center ones, I picked colors I liked to go on top of them. Those squares are about 3/8". Then I stitched straight lines up and down trying to hit the corners of the squares, but that didn't always happen. And the lines aren't necessarily straight. I left the strings uncut at the beginning and ends (which bothers my 12-year old terribly). I ran it under water to remove the glue and rubbed it with a towel to dry it and to fray the edges and voila! It's not a "true" quilt because there's no batting or backing, but it's fun and cute and it's out of my system now.


  1. It is a true quilt and it is lovely. and art!

  2. Hi Martha, Thanks for the compliment! I might make a couple more. It uses so little fabric that you could crank out a lot of them!


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