My Dog Eats What???

Yes, that's what it says! I have a penchant for embroidery when I'm not deep in the middle of another project. Plus, soccer practices give me plenty of chair time to work on odd things. This was a fun project, well, because I like to honor strange moments in our family's history. This was inspired by an embroidery class I took by the wonderful Eudora Ladies of Quilting Bits and Pieces in Eudora, Kansas. They showed us a variety of stitches, which was beneficial to me personally, but what really was great was the kit they gave us. Of course, I didn't make the project, but I used the beautiful variegated thread to make my version of our Beagle, Mac.

To get the pattern, I took his picture, printed it in b/w in the size I wanted and traced it. My first tracing had too many details, so I kept deleting lines until I got to this. What was fun was just randomly using the floss. I'm more into realism than fantasy, so this was a stretch for me, but I love the results. An old rabies tag is the only embellishment.


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