Quilt Documentation Project

So, the quilt documentation project held last summer was a huge success. 100 quilts from Cass County, Mo. were documented. As a result, My publisher has agreed to publish our documentation day in book form! (Look for it in October 2012.) It will have some local history, some quilt history and a whole lot of beautiful quilts! Of course, some will be patterned so you can make your own replicas or modern-day interpretations of these gems!

Shown here is my attempt to make one of the quilt blocks. I chose this one because it is unique as far as I can find. It's not in either of my quilt-block-identifying books and it looks quite challenging. And, as you can see, it is in fact challenging. I like to call it my pieced bra!

The original is a turn-of-the-19th Century red, white and blue quilt. It has 168 of these little 7" blocks. Wow! The patience she had to bring all 16 points together properly - not to mention the set-in corners! Obviously she was an accomplished quilter.

Look for more of the results of the Documentation Day in future posts...


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