3 Yards of Found Fabric!

So my Dear Husband bought new dress shirts for work over the weekend, that meant it was time for the great closet purge of 2011! He does this occasionally, and usually I run them up to the thrift store. (DH tends to be kind to his clothes and they are never really "worn out.") But this time, I decided to go Bonnie Hunter on them and cut them up for quilts. Now, if you hang around me long enough, you'll learn that plaids and stripes usually aren't my thing, but the colors on these were so wonderful, that I decided to give it a go!

First, I checked for fabric content. I only picked out the 100% cotton ones (10). Then, we determined which ones the boys would want (3). Last, I determined which ones were pretty enough! That left 2 for Goodwill and 6 for me!

So hard to take that first cut!

Next, I cut them up. Basically, all I did was cut all the seams off. Very simple. I also saved all the buttons, just for fun. This is what I was left with:

Shirt carcasses.
 And this is the fabric!
About 1/2 yard per shirt.
I know the back of the shirt gave me a nice size - larger than a FQ. The rest is in smaller chunks, but highly usable for scrap quilts or small projects. I'm debating whether to make a special project with just this fabric, or if I should just shelve it and incorporate it into my regular sewing. DH, who knows me so well, said I have enough projects going now, so I should better shelve it! Such a smart man!


  1. none of my hubby's or dad's shirts have made it to the charity shop in quite a while now too! lol

  2. You have a husband who cleans out his closet and retires old shirts? I'm speechless.

  3. Well, if you saw the size of our closet, you'd understand! The kids' rooms have bigger closets!


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