First Freebie Friday

Goose in the Pond
A while back, I saw a story on TV about a country music songwriter who writes a song every day. Some are hits and some are not, but he was doing it. That made me think I should do that with quilts. Although I don't design a complete quilt every day, I do design something - a quilt, a block or something to embroider - almost every day.

Random things pop into my head that I think might work for a border or a setting and I write it all down. That means that I have far more quilts in my inventory than I can ever make and far more ideas than I could ever use. That's where these Friday Freebies come from. I hope you enjoy my overflow!

Goose in the Pond is the first installment. This twin/large throw is a one-block quilt in two colorways. I love how swapping one color can make the blocks dance across the quilt! That simple change turned a common-place quilt into something a little bit better, not to mention the neat secondary design that pops up when the blocks are joined together. The borders are very common, however, so to spruce them up you could do a row or two of 3" HSTs (half-square triangles). Not every quilt needs a complicated, pieced border, but this one just might! Do what makes you happy.

The idea for this sprang from the Heritage Sampler quilt I'm currently teaching at Heritage Fine Fabrics in Belton, Mo. It's one of the blocks that just spoke to me. It kind of demanded that it be featured as more than just one of 36 blocks in the sampler. So, this is what it became!

Click here for the pdf.


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