Freebie Friday

Today's Freebie Friday isn't so much a pattern, but a process. Every year, I make little homemade Valentine for my husband and kids. I try to personalize them in some way to let them know I love them and am thinking about them. (Duh, isn't that what a Valentine is?)

Two years ago, I did this one. It's a Jenny Hart embroidery pattern and I just added the Be My Valentine. It's a little quirky, and I like that about it. It hangs behind the bathroom door in my master bath. (So when you're sitting down (get it?) you are looking straight at it.) It is just pinned to the wall. Some day I'll frame it - or not!
Gross Heart

Last year, I made these:
My DH and I have a running joke about chickadees!
It's hanging above the Gross Heart above.

DS #1 always seems to panic in an emergency.
I lifted this from a British WWII poster just for him!

For DS #2. He's a nut! It reads:
Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.

DD is a dedicated soccer player!
These were so deceptively simple to make. I just found a quote or saying that I thought would go with each kid. Then I played around with type fonts from my computer until it looked right. Next, I searched my computer's clip art files to find an image that matched. I blended them together to get the right balance of image and type. I printed the image onto fabric that's been ironed onto freezer paper with my regular color printer.

It's a lot of fun and incredibly personal for the person you are giving the Valentine to! You do have to realize that these probably aren't forever. I have never gotten ink from my printer to last long without fading, and for Pete's sake, don't get them wet. The ink will run for sure (even when heat set with a dry iron)!

For more specific directions on how to make the Quilted Valentine for Soccer Girl, click here.


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