Snow Day!

Finally we get snow! I know much of the country has been inundated with the stuff, but here in Missouri we've only had a couple of dustings so far. The kids are thrilled because school was canceled. I'm glad because it makes everything so peaceful - and we all could use more peace.

I decided to take this opportunity of found time to organize some stuff that's gotten out of control lately - namely my embroidery stuff. I opened up my box to add some thread that has been hanging around the house, and this is what the cat and I saw.

I think I'll organize this another day!


  1. Enjoy the snow for those of us who don't get any :)

  2. Actually, now we're in the third day of this and it's wearing on me (and the kids) a bit. We were able to get out yesterday and that helped! (The county doesn't plow our road and I live on the end of a dead end street!)


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