Starch is not just for spray cans anymore!

So have I ever told you how much I love starch? As a machine appliquer, I need my backgrounds to be stiff enough so the thread doesn't bunch up as I stitch the shapes down. I have tried various stabilizers, but inevitably you have to take them out - and that just adds another step, which goes against my lazy tendencies.

I learned about starch as a stabilizer about 12 years ago. All I do is spray the heck out of the background fabric. I really get it soaked through - really! Then I use a dry iron and carefully press it until it's dry. Once dry, I'm ready to go. The starched background holds a crease for registration marks, it keeps the stitching from bunching and it washes out completely when the block is done. It's the perfect stablilizer!

So what's with the Sta-Flo then? Yesterday, I pulled out a brand new can of starch and low and behold, the darn nozzle was broken. I remembered that I bought some liquid starch a long time ago to experiment with in the wash and never did. So I rummaged through my tools, looking for a spray bottle, which was also broken, I realized when I finally found it. But, did you know that a standard spray nozzle will fit on a regular sized water bottle? Perfect! I cut the Sta-Flo by about half with the water and voila! I was ready to go. It worked just like the can, and a lot cheaper, too. The only issue is the over-spray. I would protect the carpet under your ironing board when using the spray bottle!


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