Stolen Moments Spent Shopping

I live quite far from a lot of prime fabric locations, so I take any opportunity to go to a quilt shop when I can. Today, in between two appointments, I found myself with an hour and a half to kill. I took the chance and ran to a couple of quilt shops. One was new to me and the other was an old favorite. The new one is a place called Fabric Recycles. What a great shop! She buys all your old stuff you don't want and resells it at pretty good prices to folks who want it. I was excited to see some 70s stuff that I recognize from my childhood. Of course there were tons of stuff that I know I have in my own stash! If you live near Overland Park, Kansas, you should stop in! It's worth the trip!

The other store is Harper's also in OPKS. It's so bright and fun. They are trending to the "modern" quilt gals, which I love. Such an array of solids and tons of big, bold prints.

Here's what I bought at Fabric Recycles:

This is all for a specific project that I want to have a "modern-yet-vintage" feel (or "vintage-yet-modern"?). I didn't realize how Easter Eggish it all was until I snapped this shot! I guess I'm tired of winter and wishing for Spring!

I just had to have this! I'll probably use it for a backing. I had already paid for the Easter Egg fabrics above when I saw this on the counter. She didn't even have it priced yet! This has started me on a quest for fabrics with a kitchen theme! I think this probably would have been used as kitchen curtains. The 60s greens and golds are priceless!

If you're looking for Freebie Friday, you'll have to wait until next week. I intended it to be an occasional feature, but I grossly underestimated how popular it would be. So, it will be bumped up to a priority starting next week!


  1. I love that kitchen fabric! We used to live in Kansas City and loved all the quilt shops in the area. The new one, Fabric Recycles, sounds dangerous,...I mean, wonderful!



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