The Wednesday Quilt Show

If it's Wednesday, it must by The Quilt Show! Enjoy! (Remember, you can show your quilt on The Show. For submission guidelines, click on the link on the right!)

 This gem is from my friend and editor, Deb Rowden, over at Deb Rowden's Thrift Store Quilts.

"Memphis Ribbons and Blues" by Nan Baker over at Purrfect Spots.

"Elmo" by Jenifer Dick. This is my most recent and most personal "finished" quilt. My 12-year-old daughter wanted a monkey quilt. I don't think this is what she had in mind, but it's what she got! I love it. It's just smaller than a twin size.
"Elmo" detail. See the mole on his face? That my dear fellow appliquers is a mistake. As I was finishing up for the quilter, I cut a hole right on his face! (Don't ask me how, just know I was devastated!) Anyhow, not to be stopped at that point, I fused a brown circle over the hole and told the quilter (Brenda Weien from Louisburg, KS) to really quilt it down good, which she did! And no one is the wiser, (until now since I've just told the whole world!)

"Abraham Lincoln's Quilt" by Jenifer Dick. This was made for my oldest son, who happens to be named Abraham. It seemed like a good quilt for him and to honor the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. This quilt hung at the AQS show in Nashville a couple of years ago and was  in a few museum exhibits. (Cool, right?). It also was in the 2010 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar. It's had a nice life. Now it is folded in the closet! Poor thing! Below is a detail of the quilting. Hope you can see it. Don Sutcliffe of Peculiar, MO did the wonderful quilting on this quilt.


  1. What a cute monkey and I love the mole! Adds character! The Abraham quilt is stunning! Do you have its life history on the label?


  2. Hey LaDonna,
    You know I should blog about labels. I am so bad about putting them on! And, no, the Abe quilt has no label. Shame on me....


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