The Wednesday Quilt Show

Starting today, (drum roll please!) The Wednesday Quilt Show goes online! Inspired by a non-crafting site that runs an art show each week relating to their interest (cars), I got the idea to run a virtual quilt show each week. The quilts will come from you, the quilters. Below are the submission guidelines with all the details. In a nutshell, send me a photo of your quilt and I'll run it on Wednesdays. Some weeks will have themes, some will just be a potpourri. All will be fun! Here's how it will look. Enjoy!

Bev Hayden of Missouri: From the Book "Women of Design" Barbara Brackman. Hand pieced and hand appliqued and hand quilted. Some of the awards received on this quilt in 2010 were 2nd place Best of Show at the Missouri State Fair, Best of Show Henry County Fair and Viewers Favorite Henry County Fair.

911 Tribute by Jenifer Dick.

Unfinished top owned by Quiltgranny.

My Baby Quilt by Audrey Bockelman, c. 1967

Hand-dyed blacks by Jenifer Dick

The Wednesday Quilt Show
Submission Guidelines
Each Wednesday, “The Wednesday Quilt Show” is posted on the blog, Forty-Two Quilts, The Show is made of reader-submitted photos of quilts or embroidery projects they have made. They can be a full-on shot of the entire quilt, small sections of the quilt or any other artistic and stylized photo of their quilt. Anything but naughtiness goes.
I decide what photos will be published and may be only at my whim. If your photo is one chosen, your blog link will be published along with your name. If your quilt is chosen, I would appreciate if you would mention The Wednesday Quilt Show on your blog and include the link. At some point a button will be available for your blog if you so choose to use it.
The Show is just about quilts. Please submit only shots of quilts. (i.e. no garments or bags please.)
1. Submit your photo to Put The Wednesday Quilt Show in the subject line. Please size the photo to roughly 448 x 336 px. It doesn’t have to be huge. You may submit 1-2 quilts per month.
2. Include your name, email addy and a link to your blog or website. No descriptions of the quilts will be given on Forty-Two Quilts. If you want to explain more about it, please feel free to do so on your blog. If you don’t have a blog or website your name and a brief description will accompany your photo.
3. Respect copyrights. Submit only photos of a quilt you have made. If it’s not yours, get permission. If there’s any question about it, your photo will be removed. (It’s okay if you made your quilt from a purchased pattern. Antique quilts you own are also okay.)
Email questions to Jenifer at: Put The Wednesday Quilt Show in the subject line.


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