Freebie Friday

Folk Art Flower
Folk Art Flower Detail

Today's pattern is an embroidery pattern in honor of last week's Wednesday Quilt Show. This is a folk art style flower. It can be embroidered or appliqued - or as I did it with both applique and embroidery. Forgive the crude drawing - one of my resolutions this year is to get and learn how to use a good draw program.

Inspiration for this came from my parent's home (photo below). They live in a beautiful 1890s Victorian. Its ornate architecture and elaborately carved woodwork and hardware is a continual source of quilting inspiration! This particular flower is carved into the base of the bar they use as a kitchen counter.

When I drew this out, I knew I had to make it but I didn't have a project to put it into - that didn't stop me from making it though! The background is some hand-dyed fabric of mine. In fact it is my favorite to date. You never know what you're gonna get when you dye your own fabric and this was a beautiful, happy occurrence never to be repeated again! It really isn't that fuchsia, it's a beautiful, true red. Anyhow, I appliqued all that could be appliqued and added in the detail with embroidery. I used strands of different shades to blend the color. Hint: if you do this, make sure the shades are pretty close, mine are too far apart visually to blend as well as I hoped.

Enjoy and let me know if you find a quilted home for your Folk Art Flower. Click here for the pattern.

Who would put this much detail into the bottom of a bar?
You know the patrons weren't admiring it!


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