How I spent my snow days

Last Tuesday - Our only blizzard on record.
Makes me wish for June!
The kids were off again last week for our monster storm - 13" or so. It's hard to tell because it blew so hard! I took the opportunity to work on some of my tools. A few years ago my dad built a top for my ironing board. The surface is 2' x 4' - just the perfect size for a quilter. But, the way I use it is to staple batting and muslin to the top of it for the ironing surface. That means I have to replace it every so often because it gets really gross. I know I took a picture of it before, but it is lost somewhere in my picture files. That's just as well, because it was really gross! I don't know if I want you to know how bad I let it get before dealing with it! So here's the progression of fixing my ironing board...

We took off the old and laid out the new.
It's a matter of pulling the batting and muslin tight enough.
If it's wrinkled, it just won't work.
Close-up of stapling the corner.
DS #1 did the stapling for me.
What will I do when the kids grow up and leave me?
Here's the finished front. It's almost too nice to use.
And here it is in my "sewing room."
It's really just one corner of an unfinished basement.
(See the treadmill shoved against the wall?)
DD said she'd spill a cup of coffee on it to break it in for me
if I want! Such a sweetie!


  1. I need an ironing board like that too!


  2. It's wonderful! Just google for the plans. But make sure you don't use solid, hard wood, like I did! It tends to squash ironing boards!


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