No Prints Allowed!

So I join this new guild and the first thing I do is agree to participate in a challenge! Honestly, what goes through my head? I usually shy away from challenges because frankly, I just don't have the time. But this one was so enticing I couldn't resist.

Let's back up a bit. My new guild is The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. If you haven't checked out Modern Quilting yet, it's worth a look (Google it!). Although it's not every traditional quilter's cup of tea, these gals are producing some wonderful, graphic quilts!

What's the challenge? Make a quilt, using a charm pack of 40, 5" squares of Kona Solids - No Prints Allowed! The big reveal will be at the March meeting, so I'm only going to show you a hint of my quilt. I will tell you that I gave myself 3 days to make this quilt top. I designed it and cut it out one day and spent 2 days sewing it together. I took the very literal road for this quilt. It's quite basic, but I hope that the overall effect will be satisfying! There are a thousand things that I could have done differently, but I purposefully put restrictions on it so it would get done - well the top at least.

I really like it! Look for the full shot of this quilt in March!


  1. Welcome to KCMQG! Your quilt is a pretty one! Can't wait to see the whole thing. :)

  2. Thanks Nikki, I'm glad I joined! See you in March!


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