The Wednesday Quilt Show

If it's Wednesday, it must be The Wednesday Quilt Show! I had no entries this week, so you'll have to suffer through with some of mine! Don't forget, you can submit your quilt to The Show! It doesn't have to be a fancy, formal photo of your quilt (you've all seen my photography!). Just lay it out on your bed or even just snap a shot of your favorite block or one you're particularly proud of! See the submission guidelines to the right for more info.

Since eventually I'd like to group The Quilt Show by theme, I thought I'd start off today with embroidery. Some of these will go into quilts, some just are pinned all over my house!

We celebrate everything in embroidery at our house:
The purchase of a new car!
The birth of  new cats.

The death of an old cat. (WIP)
It will read: Milo died a horrible death.
(She did.)
Our dog's strange diet.
Go here for more on this.

Going to the bathroom! (Remember I live with 2 teenage boys!)
(Done on my hand-dyed fabric)

Getting on a competitive soccer team! (WIP)
DD is working on this one. She's more of a jock than an embroiderer!


This detail of  a koi fish will go into a quilt I'm working on.
I'm concentrating on learning new stitches.
Go here to read more about it.

WIP of DS #1 (and curious cat)
Go here to read more about these portraits
of my kids I'm working on.

And this pretty much sums me up in a nutshell!
(done on my hand-dyed fabric.)


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