Challenge Revealed!

Don't Lead Where I Won't Follow
(The Happy Marriage Quilt)
by Jenifer Dick
So I hinted at my No Prints Allowed challenge I participated in with the KC Modern Quilt Guild a while back. Last night was the big reveal at guild, so I am free to show you my entry. I've got to tell you that the entries were absolutely breathtaking. I'm sure someone who took pictures will post them, so I'll get you a link as soon as I find one.

Mine was very simple in comparison to most (all?) of them, but as you know from the previous post (click here) I hurried through the process because I wanted to participate but didn't have a lot of time to put into it. It really shows my graphic arts background! It's not quilted, and possibly won't ever be quilted at this point! I'm in love with solids, and I love these classic solids by Kona Cotton!


  1. I love this quilt. Was in my top 5! So hard to pick a favorite. Might have to try something similar soon! So pretty.

  2. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I really like this quilt as well! You know how sometimes it's hard to get what's in your head translated into fabric? Well, this one is exactly like I imagined it to be!


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