Fun in Columbia

So last week I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the Booneslick Trails Quilter's Guild in Columbia, Mo. What a wonderful group of women! (But then again, they ARE quilters aren't they?!) They were so welcoming, and their program chair, Dennis, really took great care of me! As often is the case when I travel to speak to quilters, I wish I lived there just so I could join their guild! And this is no ordinary guild, it's also home to Dawn Heese and Bettina Havig. I was thrilled to meet them both.

Looks like we had a good time!
You can just see a hint of
The Circuit Rider's Quilt in the corner.

We talked about the history of my quilting, which actually is the history of quilting itself (well, only since the mid 90s, anyhow - hey! I'm not that old!).

For more on my talk, you can click on Dawn's name above for a link to her blog. She took pictures of the show! And I thank her for not posting the Ugly Cat Quilt!


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