I have buttons!

Some of you have been asking, and I keep saying soon! Well finally, I have buttons! For my birthday, I got Photoshop. It's a lot of power for my limited self, but I'm learning. I took super close-up shots of two of my quilts and, using Photoshop, added the text to make the 4 versions you see here. Then, I Googled the rest to lean how to write the html code and get them on my blog.

So, if you want a button on your blog to link folks to TWQS, pick your favorite and use the code on the right to place it on your blog. If you don't know how to do this, Google it and you'll get all the instructions you'll ever need!


  1. Hey, thanks! Snagged one. :D

  2. Thanks for the compliments guys! And LynCC - thanks for grabbing it!

  3. Thanks, Jenifer. These are very cute. I grabbed one and posted it at Quilt Stories, http://quiltstoriescynthia.blogspot.com/
    where I am finally catching up on my posts after returning home from helping my daughter in Tennessee.


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