The Wednesday Quilt Show

If it's Wednesday, it must be The Wednesday Quilt Show! There were no entries this week, so you'll have to take a look at my newest BOM! If you want your quilt shown here, with a link to your blog or website, please shoot me an email at or check the submission guidelines found to your right. No blog or website, no problem - I'll share your quilt as well!

Missouri Crossroads
This is a BOM quilt made for Heritage Fine Fabrics in Belton, Mo. There are 17 blocks and the setting is anything but traditional. The borders are purposefully simple to frame the blocks and make them pop. This design came about as a conversation I had with Connie Read, the owner of Heritage. Read more about it here. Please bear with the photography today. Some days I can take a good picture and other days I can't!

The darn cats will jump on anything
I want to photograph! But you can see
details of some of the blocks.
More details. I used all Fossil Fern fabrics.
I love solids and near solids. It's also predominantly
blue and blue-greens with some sandy browns thrown in.
Looks kind of like the ocean.

Favorite block. It's 24" square and the largest one in the quilt.
Another favorite. Love the grays and blues together!

If you'd like to run this BOM in your shop, send me an email and we'll work out the details!


  1. Beautiful... love batiks and the ones you're using are gorgeous!!!

  2. Cats are awesome. :) I've been interested to see that different felines in our household prefer different quilt projects. Wonder if they're liking the colors or the patterns. . .

  3. I love your quilt and the "Matching" cat is a hoot. You would think that you picked the colors to match her/him. Or...maybe you did. Thanks for sharing. Carline

  4. I think I punched the wrong button and I'm not sure this email went thru, so I'm re-sending. Sorry if it's a repeat.

    The close-up photo of the orange cat on the orange quilt should be framed. Seriously! At the very least it belongs with a collection of quilt photos in a calendar.

  5. Very nice arrangement and color choices. Pictures are always interesting with loved ones in them!

  6. Your quilt is stunning Jenifer!


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