Colossal Fail!

Can you see the black smudges on the edges of the tree branches?

Why does crummy stuff always happen when you're on a deadline? Case in point. I'm running quilts to the quilter Friday to meet the May deadline for my book quilts, so I'm putting some last minute finishes on one of them (the best one in the book IMHO, by the way!) when tragedy strikes. I'm taking out the freezer paper on an applique tree and I notice the edges are really dark. I look closely and see that I've used magic marker to mark the template on the freezer paper. I have no memory of doing this and I have never ever done this before. The result is that when the water hit the template to soften the glue, the marker bled on my applique!
I carefully cut out the damaged shape with a seam ripper.
Tree carcass.
I pressed a piece of freezer paper to the backside of the quilt
to stabilize the opening left where I took off the shape.
The new shape is glued over the opening right
where the damaged one was removed.
I'll remove the freezer paper on the back
and re-stitch it and it will be good as new.
I guess the moral of the story is, pay attention and you won't spend precious time redoing something you've already done!


  1. Oh my goodness... I'll bet you were fit to be tied over those dark smudges! Congrats on your positive attitude and gung-ho spirit to overcome the problem....

  2. Yikes!! Thanks for sharing how you fixed it. Not sure I would have thought to stabilize with the freezer paper - brilliant!

  3. You're right, things like this always happen when you have a deadline! Glad you were able to fix this! In some weird way this makes me feel better about my goofs...!


  4. I used a sharpie to mark a quilting pattern on tear away paper. After all, I was going to tear the paper away, so who cared what I marked it with, right? WRONG! The thread caught the ink as it passed through the paper and discolored the thread. And, I found out after I was about 80% done. That one is still waiting to be unquilted and requilted. Lane

  5. Oh Lane, that's terrible! I would never think about the thread discoloring! I unquilted a quilt once. Settle in for the long haul! It takes forever. Good luck and send me a photo when it's done!

  6. Is it possible you used a stable marker but the paper did not absorb all the ink, and so there was some liquid left to bleed? Whatever happened, this is a good lesson for me--make a test sample first. I usually dive right in, neglecting this step.

  7. Quite honestly Feltsey, I have been so busy lately, I can't remember my kids' names! I have no idea what I did. But I'm thinking I printed the pattern out on 8 1/2 x 11 freezer paper sheets and it's the printer ink. If I ever print out a pattern again, I'll cut two shapes and throw out the one with the printer ink. On normal FP, I use a pencil and don't have this problem. Jenifer


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