The Wednesday Quilt Show

If it's Wednesday, it must be The Wednesday Quilt Show! This week I'm going to show you some of the more unusual quilts found on the internet. Again, I have no connection to these quilters at all and they don't know me! I just thought their quilts were interesting. Click on the caption if you want to go to the site where I found them.

If you want your quilt shown here with a link to your blog or website, please shoot me an email at or check the submission guidelines found to your right. No blog or website? No problem - I'll share your quilt as well! I hope you enjoy The Show today!

A little history: I love video games. I grew up in the gap between arcades and home gaming systems, so I never really played them as a kid. When my own children were old enough, we bought our (my) first Game Cube and it's been happy playing ever since! In tribute to my guilty pleasure, I hope you enjoy these video game inspired quilts.
Galaga - the best game ever!

Letsa go, Mario! By Carolina Patchworks.


Another Mario.

My kids' favorite - Zelda!
And at last, the ever-classic - Pacman!
Now my kids are older and more into the first-person shoot 'em up games, but I love these classics still! Enjoy!


  1. My game-loving daughter will love this week's theme! I think she's been planning out a game-related quilt to work on when she comes home for the summer. Hope she does. :D

  2. ahh. See: I knew it! Her reply after I emailed the link:

    "Those are so cool! XD I especially liked the Mario ones and the Zelda one. :) And yes, I'm working on getting a design for a "Dragons of DnD" quilt. Still have to draw them, but the ideas are all there, they just have to get drawn is all."

  3. Wonderful! Be sure to send a photo when she's done!


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