The Wednesday Quilt Show

If it's Wednesday, it must be The Wednesday Quilt Show! This week I"m going to show you some of the more unusual quilts found on the internet. I have no connection to these quilters at all and they don't know me! I just thought their quilts were interesting. Click on the caption if you want to go to the site where I found them.

If you want your quilt shown here with a link to your blog or website, please shoot me an email at or check the submission guidelines found to your right. No blog or website? No problem - I'll share your quilt as well! I hope you enjoy The Show today!
Why is this owl so mad?
I sometimes wonder what the brains of quilters like this must look like!
I'm sure the pattern was computer-generated, but the adaptation to fabric is just incredible!
It's from the 2006 Tokyo Quilt Festival.
When you're at this site, click through all the images there. You will be amazed!
I don't know what this is, but it's cool.
It's from Jared Tarbell's Flickr account.
Do you suppose those are selvedges?

This one is for the cute factor. It's just darling!
Okay, this one is cheating - it's not a quilt,
but it's a photo quilt. It's photos glued together to come up with the
image of Gandhi. Pretty neat. It could be a quilt if the photos
were transferred to fabric. Someone get on that!
And we'll end today with this wonderful little quilt!
Who would put a Zombie on a quilt. I love it!


  1. I love the quilt from the Tokyo Quiltfestival. Well, I think I love them all! Amazing, all of them! :)

  2. ROFL at the zombie quilt. Zombies are all the rage with our local teens. I could see some of them doing this.


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