Will you like me?

I think I told you all that I'm in the middle of figuring out Facebook. I have gotten as far as setting up a new page just for 42 Quilts and it's going really smoothly so far. What I'm missing are "likes." Facebook cracks me up. The words you use when maneuvering around are so elementary school: Will you like me? Can we be friends? I wonder where we all gather to hold hands and skip! But, at the same time, I think I'll really like it and am sorry I resisted it for this long! (Of course, timing is everything and now is when I finally made time to jump in!)

So, what I'd like you guys to do - if you're a Facebook kind of quilter, and really do like me - is to "like" me. I have a button on the right side of the blog that you can just click on to like me. (Scroll down, it's below the followers.) By liking me, you'll get access to all my thoughts and updates on my Facebook page 42 Quilts. In addition to getting all my updates, I also have linked my blog to the page, so you can read the blog there, too! And, as Facebook is always evolving, I'm sure there will be really cool things coming up for us to do together! Thanks guys and know that I do appreciate you coming to read my blog every week!

P.S. I think I ought to mention that I'm taking an online class on how to set up the Facebook business page. I usually am the type to figure things out for myself, but this class has shown me that I would have never made it on my own! Here's a link to the class if you're interested:  http://www.socialmediaonlineclasses.com/


  1. Jennifer - Congrats on building your Facebook business page. You're doing so well in the class, and we all can't wait to see all the wonderful projects you're working on. And thanks for the shout out to my course!

  2. Glad you are leading the way to Facebook! I have a Facebook page, but do not have a clue how to use it! I guess I will try and learn from you...

  3. HEheehehehe - I can just see FB adding a "Hold hands and skip" button below the "Poke". :D

  4. Oh! P.S. I "liked" you. :)

    But, darn it all, this kind of page won't let me "poke" you. I'll get over it. ;D

  5. Thanks Lyn - and everyone who has liked me today!


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