May 4, 2011

The Wednesday Quilt Show

If it's Wednesday, it must be The Wednesday Quilt Show! This week I'm going to show you some more quilts found on the internet. Again, I have no connection to these quilters at all and they don't know me! I just thought their quilts were interesting. Click on the caption if you want to go to the site where I found them.

If you want your quilt shown here with a link to your blog or website, please shoot me an email at or check the submission guidelines found to your right. No blog or website? No problem - I'll share your quilt as well! I hope you enjoy The Show today!

Dandy Dandelions!
I love dandelions. Very few things transform so completely as to be entirely unrecognizable from their original state. The ultimate do-over! Over the years I've learned to appreciate that they are not really weeds at all but a gateway to a child's imagination.When my kids were small, they would bring me bouquet after bouquet of dandelions - so full of love! I had cups and cups on my windowsill full of yellow bouquets. The white dandelions were "wishing flowers." Just make a wish, blow and all your dreams could come true! Isn't childhood wonderful!

In honor of these wonderful memories of my children's' childhoods, (and my lawn as I look over the expansive dandelion fields!) I give you: DANDELIONS!
Blowin' in the Wind. She shows the whole process
of making this quilt. Very ethereal.
This is actually a free pattern by Robert Kaufman! I might just make it!
Small Dandelion. this is my most favorite of all these quilts.
It perfectly captures how I would make a quilt about dandelions!

Splendor in the Grass by Caryl Bryer Fallert.
This, I believe is photo transfer. The effect is wonderful.

Gerrie's Dandelion. It looks like a painting to me!

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  1. What an appropriate subject for the quilt show on the same day that I have noticed my yard starting to bloom with the little yellow things. It is amazing what people can do with a humble weed. Thanks for sharing these quilts.


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