And the name is...

Here's the cover! It will be available soon!

I’m so excited to tell you the name and share the cover with you! As you can see by the cover quilt, this book is going to be full of colorful, quirky, refreshing quilts. It was such fun designing these gems! And although they are quite Modern by style, I assure you they are also steeped in tradition.

Let me tell you the history and evolution of this book. A couple of years ago, I discovered Modern quilting. At first I thought Modern was for the young, beginning quiltmakers. I truly didn’t think there was anything there for me. But as I did some research and really looked at what they were doing, I realized that they were making the quilts I always wanted to make but didn’t think I could! (I used to be so hung up on labels – “I’m a traditional quilter,” I used to tell myself. “I can’t deviate from that path!”)

At first, I tentatively drew up some designs. Mine tend to be very graphic in nature. I have a graphic design background and have always loved that look, so it was natural for me to gravitate in that direction. These first designs were so “out there” for me that I put them away denied they even existed for a long time! Then I found the KC Modern Quilt Guild and went to a meeting. Wow! These women were wonderful (and some my age!). They were making the quilts I wanted to make with abandon. I went home after that and dug out my designs and reworked them a bit and voila! Many you will see in the book. Others I’m still working on and hope they hit the fabric some day.

Now if you’re a little on the fence about Modern I assure you that there are plenty of traditional elements in these quilts. In fact, I based almost all of them on antique quilts or traditional blocks. What’s different are the settings and colors used. There are no grid quilts with sashing here! I pull elements from the 50s, 60s and 70s (my favorite) as inspiration (hence the retro) and incorporate things that have personal meaning to me, but yet universal appeal!

The part of the book I’m most excited about, though, is for every quilt, I give you lots of guidance and encouragement on how to make the quilts your own, not just a straight copy of mine. If you don’t like the colors, I give you other options. If you want to add more of one element or take out others, I step you through how to do it. The point being, I want you to make these quilts your own, so they have meaning for you!

I certainly hope you enjoy the book. The quilts are fun, fast and enjoyable to look at! I’ll get you a link when the book is ready for purchase. And look for my Launch Party in early October - of course you’re invited! (More info to come on the Launch Party, give-aways and more!)


  1. How exciting... love your book's concepts and will be watching for your launch party in October!

  2. Congrats! Looks like a great book. So glad you found KCMQG. :)


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