I can't resist playing around...

Double Cross

...even when there's work to be done!

I'm neck-deep in so many projects right now, but that doesn't stop the compulsion to create something else! It seems I can always find time to quickly piece little things that pop into my mind even when I should be working on other things (ugly fabric challenges, class samples, etc.). This had a specific inspiration, but I can't talk about that. What I can say is that this turned out so cool that it sparked a whole quilt idea that I plan on starting soon. That I will talk about as it progresses.

Something else I can talk about is my new book! It officially went to the printers yesterday! I can't tell you how cool it is and how proud I am. I hope there will be a quilt or two in there that you will want to make. I will show you the cover and reveal the name next week. Until then, don't resist the urge to set aside your responsibilities and play!


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