The kids went back to school Wednesday!

And I've been having a great time! I really do love my kids and like to be around them, but I just don't get much done during the summer. So they went off to school and I have actually gotten something done! Yesterday, I cleaned my bathroom - you know, the "real" clean, not just the "run over the sink with a towel and call it good" clean, but the "get down on your hands and knees and wash the floor" clean! Then I tackled the laundry room. After 3 weeks of HS soccer practice, it really was smelling bad.

But, that all took only a short time in the morning, which left me all afternoon in the sewing room. I was supposed to be cleaning it, too, but I have a new challenge quilt to make that was really, really calling me and I also decided to make a Kindle cover. I can't show you the challenge quilt, but here's the Kindle cover.

It's far from perfect - it's too long (remember to measure the Kindle before you cut it out!) and I put the binding on backwards, but, Hey! It's just going to sit in my purse, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

And speaking of challenge quilts that I can't show you! I have a dilemma and wonder how you would handle this situation. I entered an ugly fabric challenge at my guild (Lee's Summit Quilters Guild) and it's due in September. I showed you some of it when I was in the early honeymoon phase and it was all wonderful! (Look here and here.) Well, that was before I knew I was going to write my 3rd book. That took priority over this challenge. Now that I have time to get back to it, I realize that what I picked out was far too ambitious to get done in less than a month. I looked again, critically at the fabrics and boy, they really are ugly! I have no inspiration to try a different pattern - nada, zilch, zero. What would you do? Would you just punt and not do it or forge on and attempt to come up with something, even if it is less than perfect? I hate not finishing what I start (which is why I usually don't enter into challenges) but this one has blown up in my face and I don't know if I can finish it...


  1. The first day back to school for kids is the first day of vacation for moms! Have fun in your sewing room...

  2. Enjoy the kid free time. Will you feel really bad if you don't do it? Will you enjoy working on it or not? If not, then don't bother. Things happen and sometimes you just need to cut some projects loose. If it seems like it could be challenging and fun, then go ahead and just bring whatever part you got done to share.
    Good luck.

  3. That's a great idea! I'll bring all the little 1" squares and show them I actually did start and did intend to finish it! Otherwise, I also agree - I think it's time to release the guilt and cut this challenge loose. I'm sorry guild!!!!

  4. Saludos desde España, es precioso todo lo que haceis. Os deseo mucho éxito.

    Os invito a que participeis en mi blog:


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