This is what a quilt book looks like...

Basket full of quilts! These are all the quilts
that are in the new book!

Today I went with my editor, Deb Rowden, to do the final check of the book before it's printed! I also picked up my quilts. In case you're interested, when you write a quilt book the publisher keeps the quilts while the production person does color corrections to make sure the photos match the quilts. That means I've been without my quilts for quite some time now. It's good to have them home! Some I plan on using and have been waiting for them. If you're wondering what the book is called, I plan on the big reveal tomorrow, so check back then!

Ignore my dog, Mac. He's a camera hound!

(Get it?)


  1. I'm sure you're glad to have your quilts back home... looking forward to learning more about your new book tomorrow! Congrats!


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