Do you know what's in these boxes?

I bet a lot of you do!
Yep, they're Singer Featherweights! This one is Mom's.

And this one is Grandma's!
This is a 1955 or 56 model. Mom bought it
when she first graduated high school. It's in
excellent condition. Still with a spool of thread in it!
I wonder what was made last on this machine?
It's been in the box at my aunt's house for years and years - maybe 35 years.
And this is Grandma's 1936 model. This is the only machine she ever used.
She made all my clothes when I was a young child and probably
those of my cousins as well. She also was a wonderful doll maker.
I'll show you some of those sometime. She made those dolls
on this machine. It was always set up and running! I wonder what she made first on it.
Probably curtains or clothing for my mom.
Don't know what thread this is or how old!
And of course the cats love to pose. That's Poppy in the box and
Bunny is the blurry streak jumping behind. She's a little shy!
These machines came to me in a round-about way. My aunt Rosie died earlier this year and my mom realized after that she had her machine. We talked to my uncle and he let me have it back. I doubt Rosie ever used it and it's in great condition. After that is when we went to my other aunt's house and got all the linens and other goodies from her. She let me have Grandma's machine, too! I know my aunt did make some quilts in the 90s, but has since given up the hobby (gasp!). I'm so happy to have all these treasures. Not only are they from my family, they are all related to the hobby/career that has been so good to me!


  1. How very lucky you are to get the featherweights! There is no real history of quilting in my family and their most recent machines (for sewing, not quilting) are long gone but were never worth keeping due to multiple problems. sigh...

  2. lovely...I hope you never part with them

  3. Treasures indeed... I'm so glad both machines came to live with you!

  4. How special times 2! Love my FW, use it all the time for piecing. Can't beat the perfect stitch. It's one my daughter found at a yard sale for me. It is dearly loved.


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