Funny how when you collect a specific type of fabric...

...people start giving it to you! I really like 1960s and 70s fabrics. I guess it's the nostalgia factor for me - or maybe it's that it's not been done-to-death yet - but I just love how different the fabric from this era is. I was over at my friend, Margaret's house last week for lunch (she made a nifty little noodly thing and I brought French silk pie - no calories because it's shared with a friend!) and I mentioned that I really like this fabric. She's been a sewer and quilter for probably 50+ years so I knew she'd have the good stuff. So we went down to her sewing room to see her collection and look what she gave me!
Looks like the 60s, 70s and 80s are represented!

If you like weird, check this out - blue and green acorns.
What on earth would you use this for?

Look at the little deer in a meadow of vines and flowers!
I'm sure this is polyester. Too bad!

Ah, this is the good stuff! I love the little ditties. I
had dresses made out of similar prints as a child!

And blues. Who can resist?
No idea what I'll use these for or if I'll even use them. In addition to fabrics, I also collect quilting books from this era. Maybe I'll find some inspiration there. Otherwise, they may just be backing. There's quite a bit of yardage here.

While I was in Margaret's basement, I couldn't help noticing how well organized things are. She has those stacking drawers that you can get at Wal-Mart or Target to store her fabric in. I'd say she had about 6 stacks of these with about 6-8 drawers in each one. Fabric was neatly folded and sorted by color in each drawer. Scraps were kept sorted into lights and darks in two large (3' long maybe?) plastic bins. I was very inspired. My fabric is such a mess. Take a look:

I think I used to have this sorted by color. Now
it's a miss-mash of color, sizes and fabric content.
Wow, it's embarrassing to show you this!

These are  projects I've started, but are now in plastic bins
or just on the shelf. (That's where my Clorox wipes went!
I've been looking for them!)
Who am I kidding? Will I really ever
finish any of these? Well, maybe the Dear Jane!
I do know where everything is and can lay hands on it as soon as I need it, so do I really have to be neat and tidy? It might give me peace of mind, but I'll probably just stay the way I am!


  1. I'm collecting old fashioned "dainties" also! I intend to make 3" stars with yellows on lights, then do log cabin blocks with lights and darks around the stars. Your fabrics are beautiful. I wish there was a swap somewhere.


  2. My sister's all time favorite fabric is a blue "dainty" with yellow and white flowers...thankfully I still have several yards. (it the fabric that never really goes away....)

  3. I have a box of books from the period you mentioned. I just want them to go to a good home. email me if you are interested in a list.

  4. Love the acorn fabric. It would be a great inspiration fabric.

  5. hehe - my stash gets that way, too, with all the digging I and my daughter do in it. It gets reworked about 4 times a year, which means it looks nice and neat and well organized for about 4 out of 52 weeks.


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