This is why I love quilting

Okay, there's more than one reason why I love quilting, but today it's this: The beautiful memories that are contained in the fabric.

My friend Margaret has troubles commenting on this blog, (Don't worry Margaret, you're not alone! Hi everyone who can't post a comment!) so she sent me a private email about this week's Traditional Tuesday block.

She wrote: "I am in the habit now of looking at your blog regularly. I wanted to make a comment about the Monday and Tuesday block thing, but somehow I don't get the hang of putting the comment on your blog page --- So, here's the comment..... I recognize that blue fabric in the Tuesday block --- (or else you already had some like it) ----- That is Tina's {Margaret's daughter} square dance dress and flooded my mind with memories, bringing a tear to the old eyes. When she was in high school Bill {Margaret's husband} and I belonged to a square dance club and Tina joined also. It was great fun and yes, I did make our dresses that we wore. Those were great times that we will forever cherish. I'm glad to see her fabric live on with you."

Yes, Margaret, that is the exact same fabric you gave me a few weeks ago. And that's what makes a quilt so much more than a blanket - the memories. I am transported to the time I acquired each fabric as soon as I see it, either in a quilt or in my stash. Or in the case of the scraps, I can remember every project I used it in! Wonderful. Like scrapbooking only on a much more personal level! Thanks Margaret, and look for more of your memories in future Traditional Tuesday blocks!

On another note, Margaret and our good friend Sheila went out to lunch and just happened to drive by some quilt shops on Wednesday! At one of my favorites, Fabric Recycles in Overland Park, Kansas, I found this great piece of 70s fabric. I'm not crazy for brown in general, but with the gold and green, it's a natural! It's not the best quality fabric and has a lot of tiny pinprick-sized holes on it, but it did inspire this start to a log cabin block! Here's to the memories!
No memories attached to this fabric - yet!


  1. Those memory blips are the best. And the featherweights--makes you wish they could talk!


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