Gladys' Last Quilt

The plans for Gladys' Last Quilt.
Last week I was going through an old pattern book for inspiration and I found this scrap of paper tucked in between its pages. It's the plans for my husband's dear Grandmother's last quilt.After she passed away in 2000, my mother-in-law found the 12 completed blocks (hand embroidered), the setting fabric and these roughly drawn instructions.
I love that her math is on the side!
 My MIL gave me the fabric and this scrap of paper and asked me to finish the quilt, which I happily did. It now is in occasional use by my MIL and I hope it goes to one of Gladys' great grandchildren (or maybe great-great grandchildren) some day.
I wonder how many sketches like this my daughter will find
around the house after I'm gone? Hundreds maybe.
At the bottom is her grocery list. I do this too - no scrap of paper goes without some idea for a quilt or a block. Maybe I'm channeling her spirit or maybe that's just how we quilters roll! (I notice a baby dress is on the list. My daughter was under 2 when Gladys died, could it have been for her? But I have no way of knowing when she wrote this.)
So I'm happy that Gladys died with one last quilt in the works and I certainly hope when I die I have quilt blocks on the design wall. To me, that will mean a happy oldhood and one that is not plagued by something that prevents me from sewing up until the last.

P.S. I know this would make a better story if you could actually see the finished quilt, but I don't have any pictures. At Thanksgiving, I'll try to get some photos and post them later.


  1. How wonderful that the quilt blocks weren't trashed and that you could turn those blocks into a quilt! So cool that you have the drawn out pattern...

  2. I can think of nothing better than a life filled with the joy of creativity right to the end. What a great story.


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