Modern Monday - Block 4

Churn Dash

Block 4 - Churn Dash
This was a fun block to Modern-ize! I really like how the pieced squares (not the hst's) on the edges turned out when using wedges instead of straight piecing. It gives more movement to the block!

You will need three fabrics for this version. I chose an orange print for the center and white and medium gray to surround it.

From the white AND gray, cut 2 - ~3 1/2" squares.*
From the white, cut 4 - ~1 3/4" x ~3 1/2" rectangles.*
From the gray, cut 4 wedges ~3 1/2" inches long. Taper them from ~2" down to 1".*
From the orange print, cut 1 - 2 1/2" square.
*These are over-sized and fairly vague because of the improvisational nature of this block.
The cut fabrics.

To make the hst's, draw a line from corner to corner, diagonally on the back side of the white fabric. Match the white and gray squares up, right sides together and sew 1/4" from the drawn line on both sides.

Cut apart on the drawn line. Press each open, toward the gray to make 4 hst's.

Instead of trimming normally, I rotated the ruler slightly to make the hst's "off."
Note: If you do this, you will have points cut off on your block. 
Trim to 2 1/2".
Sew the gray wedges to the white rectangles. Press to the gray.
Trim them to 2 1/2". I made sure the gray would still show the taper once cut. It's easy to inadvertently make these units perfectly straight if you don't pay attention!
Lay out your units like this and sew together in rows. Join the rows together, pressing to one side at each step. Your block will be 6 1/2" unfinished


  1. Jennifer I love your colour choices for this block. I think your modern/traditional blocks are a great idea. Here's a link to my liberated churn dash quilt - I constructed my blocks a little differently, but thought you would enjoy a look. Congrats on your wonderful new book.

  2. Hi Jenifer, Still trying to catch up and finished my Modern Churn Dash tonight! And you were right...some of my blocks were a little straighter than they should be, but I'm a traditionalist so trying my darndest to be modern!

  3. This is a very fun block. I do love how this version of the churn dash has much more movement than the traditional one. Your fabric choices bring out the best of this block! I'm looking forward to trying it as part of my Maine Modern Quilt Guild's modern BOM sampler.


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