Modern Monday - Block 6

Block 6 - Mosaic
Mosaic is a great name for this block since it means mixture or assortment. I have wanted to experiment with half square triangles ever since starting Modern Monday. I like how they are all different - nothing static about this block! And no worrying about perfect points. I think a whole quilt done like this could be very striking. Maybe done in the color wheel.

I've decided that oranges, grays and whites are going to get a little stagnate, so I decided that it's okay to throw in some blues. So for this block, in addition to three gradations of gray, I chose an orange solid and a robin's egg blue. I'll probably throw in more shades of blue as we go along, but not too much - just enough for an accent.

From the white, cut 8 - 3" squares.
From the blue, cut 1 - 3" square.
Lay out the 9 - 3" squares.

Decide on your colors. I chose three grays, but the middle and right ones are really too close in value. It's hard to see the distinct steps in the gradation.
I rough-cut triangles and chunks that would be big enough to sew and flip the corner on.
Then sew the grays and orange down on the diagonal.
Trim off the point (the background triangle). Press open to the gray (or orange).

Trim to 2 1/2". (Ignore the ruler markings, I goofed up the first try and made them too small.) Keep the background as close to the straight of grain as you can.
Lay out the units as they will look in the finished block. Sew together in rows, pressing the seams so they will oppose when the rows are joined together. Join the rows together, pressing seams to one side. The block will be 6 1/2" unfinished.


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