Modern Monday - Block 7 (Boo!)

Mr. Bones
Block 7 - Mr. Bones
Happy Halloween everyone! Today we're going off the crazy train for a Halloween treat. Meet Mr. Bones, he's one rattlin' dude (anyone remember White Christmas?). I can't decide if this fits my definition of Modern or not, but he sure is cute!

I chose two fabrics - orange and dark gray - for my version, but feel free to experiment with his eyes, nose and mouth in any color combinations you like. Embroidered accents for the teeth would be cute, too!

From the background, cut 1 - 7" square.

I didn't want to get into applique quite so early in the quilt along, but here we are nonetheless! If you don't have a favorite applique method, I recommend you find one. I started out with fusible webbing, but quickly learned that it's not very practical for a bed quilt or throw. (Doesn't hold up under use and washing. For wall hangings, it can be used quite effectively.) I outline my method in Quilt Retro, but any method that works for you is the best!

If you really don't want to bother with applique, just swap out this block with something else that pleases you. There are no rules to this quilt and you don't have to do exactly what I'm doing!
My fabric choices: dark gray and this cool orange batik I found tucked in with my oranges. It has dark grays - almost black - running through it so it's perfect for a Halloween block!
Cut and prepare Mr. Bones for applique. I chose to reverse applique the eyes, nose and mouth rather than mess with those little shapes. It worked well and I like the results. I toyed with the idea of putting a white or cream under the holes, but in the end, I left it gray. Funny how he looks frightened when he's supposed to be the scary one!
Applique using your favorite method. Note: The shape is almost 6" so you need to take care that it doesn't migrate into the seam allowance as you're appliqueing it on. Trim to 6 1/2".

To access the Mr. Bones template click here.


  1. I'm such a scaredy cat about applique! Now I'm going to have to work thru the fear because I definitely want this block in my finished sampler quilt. You are really tugging me out of my comfort zone, Jenifer. I remember the song you reference - how does he feel? Rattlin'!

  2. A little fear is good! It keeps you on your toes. And remember that this is a sampler with 60+ blocks in it. No one will ever notice the less-than-perfect ones!


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