Quilt Retro Launch Party – Day 5

It’s not a quilt till it’s quilted
Welcome back to Day 5 of the Quilt Retro Launch Party! One of the best things about a quilt is the quilting. So often quilting is viewed as just what’s necessary to hold the quilt together, but I use quilting as part of the design. The link between the art of the top and the art of the quilting is what makes a quilt not only come to life, but what makes an okay quilt into something special.

My Modern quilts often have a lot of negative space – which is just a way to say there are a lot of open places with nothing visual on the quilt top going on. This part of the quilt can go flat fast if it’s not filled with something to look at or feel. Quilting is what fills those spaces. It adds both visual and tactile texture, which in turn adds interest. Quilting can also help tell the story of the quilt. If you’re quilt has sky and grass, the quilting can help define those areas by replicating wind blowing and blades of grass.

I also tend to use a lot of solid fabrics in my quilts. They also can go flat if used in large areas, like I did in the quilt, “Handyman.” I told Angela (quilter extraordinaire, meet her below) I wanted each color band to have its own fill and to make it tight (the more quilting, the strong the quilt will be and longer it will last). This quilt turned out amazing! It is anything but flat visually and texturally! It’s one you want to snuggle up with while watching TV!
Really fun pebbles. They feel so nice when you run your hands over them.

Hard to see, but these are swirly "things." They blend well with the pebbles. You can see a bit of the pieced block at the top.
The Carpenter Block, another old pattern is the main block in "Handyman."
Unfortunately, I never learned to quilt well – I’m a piecer and appliquér. Fortunately, I surround myself with very talented people who do know how to quilt and “get” me! One such quilter is Angela Walters. During show and tell at my very first KC Modern Guild meeting, people kept saying Angela quilted their quilt. Well, based on the brilliant quilting I was seeing I knew that this “Angela” was someone I needed to meet! I found her at break and begged her to quilt some of my quilts for Quilt Retro! Happily she said yes, and I know the book is all the better for it with her talent running through it.

Head over to Angela’s blog to see “Handyman” and look for a chance to win two potholders from the book!

You won't win this exact potholder, but two very similar to this!
Thanks for coming today! To order your own copy of Quilt Retro, follow one of these links: Pickledish OR Amazon

If you've missed any of the party, you can catch up here:
Thursday: Me!


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