Who ya callin' Old Fashioned?

Last week I got a little surprise that I just have to share with you! Barbara Brackman has a new line of 1960s and 70s inspired fabrics coming out soon called "Old Fashioned Calicoes" by Moda. You know how I love this retro stuff!
Here's a selection of the fabrics. The reds and greens are wonderful! I have many ways to use them already churning through my head! The blues and blacks are nice, too. And the lights!
Barbara knows that I love this stuff so she sent me about 7 yards in 15 different fabrics. I honestly feel like I won the quilter's lottery. I already used one of the greens in yesterday's Traditional Tuesday block. I bet you see more of it there!
Look how wonderfully it blends with my vintage stash (on the right). The new colors are slightly less garish, which may or may not be good depending on your point of view! And having it all 100% cotton in Moda quality is such a treat. I love my vintage, but polyester is really tough to work with. Plus I worry about how well it will hold up with time and use.
Now about that name, Old Fashioned! It about killed me 10 years ago when they started in with the Old School talk in regards to the 80s. Me? Old? Not yet! Now my childhood is old-fashioned??? I like the word retro. Now that's cool.

Barbara talks more about "Old Fashioned Calicoes" on her blog. Click here to see. Thanks Barbara! This fabric will go to good use!


  1. Oh I just love these fabrics! They remind me so much of the fabrics from my childhood. My mother used to work in a fabric shop back in the mid to late 70's. I can remember having so many clothes and doll clothes made from fabrics like these. I love them!

  2. You are one VERY lucky woman. Those are beautiful fabrics!

  3. Oh. I LOVE this stuff!! I have several pieces and these remind me of my childhood. Guess I better start saving for some of this!! When is it out do you know??

  4. How funny that the calicos from the 70s and 80s are coming back... amusing that I still have some of it in my stash... *lol*

  5. I really love this fabric, not only will it look great in all kinds of quilts, but the print is small enough to use when I make my American Girl clothes.....bonus!!!!

    your friend in stitches


  6. I'm convinced that the poly-cotton bits that found their way into my scrap bins and eventually quilt tops are the only bits that will withstand time and be found by some futuristic archaeologist. What a wonderful bounty of new fabrics. Looking forward to seeing them used in more of your work.

  7. Ahhh! I have 2 shelves of fabrics from the 70's that look so much like this! They are all 100% cotton (or they would not be on my quilty shelf!) I am so glad they are 'coming back'!

    Cathy B

  8. For once I am ahead of the game as I already have some of these exact fabrics in my stash from back in the day.

  9. I love these so much? Can't seem to find any online. Any hints


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