Modern Monday - Block 11

Bow Tie
Block 11 - Bow Tie
By offsetting both the small triangles and the larger squares, this block turned out very surprisingly modern!

I chose an orange print, an orange solid to match and light gray. You can choose to use just two colors if that suits you.

From both the orange print AND gray, cut: 2 - ~5" squares
From the orange solid, cut 1 - ~4" square. Cut in half on the diagonal.
*Oversize alert! I didn't know how offset I wanted to make the bow tie, so I made the squares really big so I would have enough room to play.
I now realize I didn't take enough photos of this block, but it is very simple, so I think you can follow along pretty well without them. First, randomly cut the corners off the gray squares. Make them different from each other about 2"-3" deep. then sew the orange triangles on and trim.

Lay out the block as it will look once it's sewn and join together in pairs, pressing away from the gray units.
This is what it will look like before being squared up. It's nice as it is if you want to leave it straight.
To trim it offset, I used my 6 1/2" square ruler and laid it at an angle. I played around with it first to get it to an angle I thought was pleasing. Then trim.
This is a good place to talk about bias. Many of these blocks have the bias on the outside, making them unstable and stretchy. If you are adding your sashing as you go, just be careful when attaching it so you don't stretch the block out of shape. Since these are so small, you should be okay.

If you are not immediately putting on the borders, you might want to consider stay-stitching around the edge until you do. (To stay-stitch, set your machine to the longest stitch size and sew around the edge of the block about 1/8". This will stabilize the outside edge and prevent stretching until you can sew it in the quilt.)


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