Modern Monday - Block 8

Sugar Bowl
Block 8 - Sugar Bowl (really it's a Pinwheel)
I knew I'd have to get around to the Pinwheel block eventually. It's so simple, but yet the movement it creates makes it a fun block to add to a quilt. But how do you make it Modern? My first idea was to use Modern fabrics and call it good until I found this obscure little block in a pattern identifying book I have called: The Collector's Dictionary of Quilt Names and Patterns by Yvonne Khin. Called Sugar Bowl, it's just a pinwheel that has been cut wrong! Looks Modern to me, so we're doing it!

I chose an orange print and robin egg's blue solid for my 2-color block.

From each fabric, cut 2 - 8 1/2" squares. (You will get a bonus block or a lot of scraps with this block!)
The cut fabric. (Oops, the picture is on its side.)

First, stack both fabrics evenly and cut in half both horizontally and vertically. You'll have 4 equal squares. Then lay your ruler diagonally but not perfectly from corner to corner. You want it to cross the exact center, though. Make your cut.

Repeat on the other diagonal.

Separate the fabrics into two reverse image blocks.

Sew into 4 units. These somewhat resemble a half-square triangle unit. As you're sewing, be sure to match the center points up. Don't worry if the outer edges don't align. Since we're not using templates with added seam allowance, they're going to be a bit off. But we over-cut the original two squares, so we'll have plenty of room to square up at the end.

Then sew the units into pairs. For some reason, I had too much seam allowance after sewing into pairs. I just trimmed it off to 1/4" making sure the unit was larger than 3 1/2" wide. This is important to get the center points to line up.

Sew the pairs together and trim to 6 1/2".

Do you want to see my first attempt? It looks worse in real life than it does here. I didn't trim the seam allowance to 1/4" and I lost one point by a mile!


  1. don't look too close at any of my points :) see you thursday?


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