Modern Monday - Block 9

String Block
Block 9 - String Block
The String Block is an old block that probably came about as a way to use up long snippets of scrap leftovers. In and of itself, it's not very impressive, but I mocked up some ideas to show you what this block could look like in a quilt. Take a look:
I have a compulsion in that I'm always looking for quilt blocks I can use in combination to make an X&O quilt (hugs and kisses). This is one of them, made entirely of String Blocks. Just by placement and shading you can get this design. If you were to make this quilt, you would need 16 String Blocks in dark shades and 48 in lighter shades of the same colors. Wouldn't this be fun in blues and pinks for a baby quilt!

This idea still uses the X&O theme, but without the lighter shaded block. It's very interesting to look at - almost painfully so with all the movement and action going on!
For my block, I chose oranges (solids and one print), grays (including one that is almost black), two light blues and white. Look through your scraps first to find these. I had to cut very few new wedges.

Some things to keep in mind. For one block, color selection doesn't matter so much - just make sure to have a variety of shades from lighter to darker.

If you were to make an entire quilt of this block, I would consider making sure to put a very dark fabric in the center so that when you place your blocks you'll have a strong X and O visible. With all medium or light colors, the X and O would get lost and your eye wouldn't know where to look. But as with all of quilting, experimentation is key. Try a variety of options to get the look you want!
After you decide on your fabrics, cut them in wedges about 1 1/2" to 1". Of course some fatter at one end or skinnier on the other would be interesting, too!

I laid out the wedges roughly how I wanted them to go and put my 6 1/2" square ruler on top to make sure I had enough strips cut. Sew them together, pressing to one side.

After sewing, I saw that I still needed one more to fill out the block so I added the solid orange triangle to the top left. That made it big enough. I cut it to 6 1/2". I might work on one of the X&O quilts using String Blocks. I think you could make them a few at a time with scraps as you are making other projects. We'll see!


  1. Love this one! I need to make some of these and bust my stash!

  2. I like this version of the string block a lot!


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