Traditional Tuesday - Block 10

Snowball Variation
Block 10 - Snowball Variation
This block looks like a poppy to me.  I think a whole quilt made of this block would be lovely and it would make me happy.
Okay, maybe not. Nice, but a little too boring for my sensibilities.
But look at this - every other block is different. Much better. (Imagine your favorite colors if you don't like orange.)
And this is the best one yet. Adding in a fourth color really richens it up.
For my TT block, I chose an orangey-red, black and pale blue - all prints.

  • From the red, cut 4 - 2 1/2" squares AND 2 - 2 7/8" squares. (I cut mine 3" and trimmed after making the hst's.)
  • From the blue, cut 2 - 2 7/8" squares. (Again, I cut mine 3" and trimmed after making the hst's.)
  • From the black, cut 1 - 2 1/2" square.
First, make 4 hst's. Draw a line diagonally from corner to corner of the 2 blue squares. Match them up with the 2 large red squares and sew 1/4" on each side of the line.  (Go to this link for more details.)

Cut in half on the line and press to the red. Trim, if necessary to  2 1/2".
Lay out the elements as shown.

Sew into rows and join the rows, pressing to one side - like a 9-patch block. The block will finish to 6 1/2".


    1. Hi, I don't see a tab for all the Traditional Tuesday blocks and I would like to see all of them. Could you please make one(and a search window) so that those of us that are fairly new to you can experience the fun of these traditional blocks?
      Quilty Huggs,


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