Traditional Tuesday - Block 7

Mr. Bones
Block 7 - Mr. Bones
Okay, so this isn't the most traditional block on the quilt along, but he is fun! Just humor me, okay? Or swap out something else - it's your quilt!

I used an orange fossil fern and a black batik skull and cross bone novelty fabric I bought a year ago. The motif is just the right size to see it all plus it tells you what the shape is without having to applique all those small parts for the eyes, nose and mouth. You may mimic this or add in all the elements. Experiment and have fun with this. (See yesterday's post for more ideas.)

From the background, cut 1 - 7" square.

Prepare Mr. Bones for applique. Applique using your favorite method. Note: The shape is almost 6" so you need to take care that it doesn't migrate into the seam allowance as you're appliqueing it on. Trim to 6 1/2".
My fabric choices.
 To access the Mr. Bones template click here.


  1. Hi Jenifer. You have no idea of the applique trauma I'm going thru here. Will be making my first attempt in years at doing a little applique tomorrow - and it's all your fault. Of course, if it works out, you'll get the credit for inspiring me to move beyond fear.


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