Traditional Tuesday - Block 13

9 Patch
Block 13 - 9 Patch
Did you know that the 9 Patch was originally a Christmas block? Called "The 9 Days of Christmas" by those who thought 12 days dragged the holiday out way too long, it could only be made in greens and reds until about 1850 when times changed and that tradition fell out of favor. Well, no that's not true. I made it up. Any way, here's our next Christmas block!

I chose a green and red vintage print with yellow solid to go with it. It's not really all that Christmasy, but it's red and green!

From the green print, cut 4 - 2 1/2" squares
From the red print, cut 1 - 2 1/2" square
From the yellow solid, cut 4 - 2 1/2" squares
Here's my fabric selection. The green and red are vintage polyester! The green one probably wasn't a good choice since it seemed to not be holding up well with time. I used it anyhow but it may be the first to disintegrate! (Does polyester disintegrate?)
You know how to make a 9 Patch. Lay out the squares in any way you choose.
Sew the squares into rows and join the rows. Press to the dark. It will be 6 1/2" unfinished.


  1. Cute Christmas block...I am a little behind with the blocks but plan on catching up. Once the Christmas turkey is done, I'll be all about Modern and Traditional blocks!


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