Traditional Tuesday - Block 15

Double Four Patch
Block 15 - Double Four Patch
This block is one of those that would make a great alternative block for a more intricate pieced block (think a star). The red forms a chain that moves all around the quilt taking your eye with it!

Since it's still December, I chose two greens and a red for my fabric.

  • From the red AND light green, cut 4 - 2" squares
  • From the darker green, cut 2 - 3 1/2" squares
Here's the fabrics I chose. I was actually inspired by some wrapping paper I got for this year's presents. It was the two greens and red in these exact shades! Keep your eyes open for inspiration anywhere!

Make 2 four patch units. First sew each light green to red. Press to the red.

Join the units together to make two four patches.

Then join the 2 four patch units to the green squares. Press to the squares. Make sure your reds are going in the same direction to get the chain effect. Join these to make your 6 1/2" unfinished block.


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